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A Man who is not a man Thando Mgqolozana Ukzn Press
Advertising and the Law Clarissa De Jager & Eric Smith Butterworths
Anglo-Boer War – Historical Guide to Memorials and sites in South Africa Jackie Grobler 30 Degrees South
Art Talks , Politics Talk Michael Chapman Ukzn Press
Basadzi Voices   Ukzn Press
Bat out of Hell Granger Korff 30 degrees south
Beauty …a Black Perspective Nakedi Ribane Ukzn Press
Beyond the Apartheid Workplace Edward Webster & Kart Von Hoidt Ukzn Press
Bitter Aloes; Stories from the Eastern Cape Marion Baxter Footprint Press
Broading  Clouds Phaswane Mphe Ukzn Press
Can you Smell the Rain John Hewlett 30 Degrees South
Caring for Natural Rangelands Ken Coetzee Ukzn Press
Carrier Value Neil Wright Neil Wright Publishing
Caught Behind Bruce Murray & Chistopher Merret Ukzn Press
Chokwe art and it’s History Marcus Matthe Matthe Lloyd
Chopper Down Carl Alberts 30 Degrees South
Christian Voyage Neville J. Melville Book of Life Publication
Climate Change Bond Ukzn Press
Composite Warfare Eeben Barlow 30 Degrees South
Dancing in the Rain Mzi Manda Ukzn Press
Daughter’s Legacy Pamphilia Hlapa Ukzn Press
Drum Decade Michael Chapman Ukzn Press
Durban High School  Year Book 2007   Durban High
Durban High School  Year Book 2008   Durban High
Executive Outcomes Eeben Barbow 30 Degrees South
Exploring the Unknown Tim Ramsden Southbound
Fanie Fourie’s Lobola Nape’a Motana Ukzn Press
Following & Leading Neil Wright Wright Publishers
Footprints, On The Trail of Those Who Made History in the Lowveld David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
Freeze Frame Sean Wisedale Venture
Garden of my Ancestors David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
Garden of the Midnight Rosary Thanissara Scared Mountain Publishers
Grand Parents Handbook Shirley bell Noetic Communications
Guy Butler Thurman Ukzn Press
Hand Book to the Iron Age Thomas N. Huffman Ukzn Press
Handsome Jita Vonani Bila Ukzn Press
It’s  Better to Laugh James Mc Naughton Wright Publishers
Krugers War Chris Ash 30 Degrees South
Land Dreaming kelwyne Sole Ukzn Press
Life Lines Chris Mann, Andrian Craig, Julia Skeen Ukzn Press
Life on a limestone Hill Gill Shackleton Gill Shackleton
Lost City of the Kalahari Alan Paton Ukzn Press
Mameena and other Plays H. Rider Haggard Ukzn Press
Manna in the Desert Alfred De Jager Jackson Brevitas
Matabele Chris Ash 30 Degrees South
Matabele Rising David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
Meeting Carl Roberts Neil Wright Wright Publishers
Men of the Mendi Brenda Shepard 30 Degrees South
Mortal Combat Nicoli Nattrass Ukzn Press
North of the Red Line Wroth and Van Tonder 30 Degrees South
Numbers in our Lives Neil Wright Neil Wright Publishing
One Race, The Human Race, Now! Neil Wright Neil Wright Publishing
Oupa, OBE Shelagh Nation  
Our Story Magic (11 languages) Gcina Ghlope UKZN PRESS
Paradise, the Castle and the Vineyard Lady Anne Barnards Cape Diaries Wits University Press
Persons in Community Ronald Nicloson Ukzn Press
Persuasion and Rhetoric Carto Michelstadter Ukzn Press
Platoon 3 Tim Ramsden 30 Degrees South
Potter’s Tale in Africa Neil Wright Wright Publishers
Rediscovery of the Ordinary Njabulo S. Ndebele Ukzn Press
Re-Imaging the Social in South Africa Jacklin & Vale Ukzn Press
Religion in South Africa Brown Ukzn Press
Remembering the Nation Meg Smuelson Ukzn Press
Remembering the Rebellion Jeff Guy Ukzn Press
Rule of Cadence Robert Greig Ukzn Press
Salute The Eagle, One man’s experience as a Parabat in Angola Kevin Vos Footprint Press
Season of Hope Alan Hirsch Ukzn Press
Separating the Seas Kobus Moolman Ukzn Press
Shameless Futhi Ntshingila Ukzn Press
Shembi Hymns Carol Mulla Ukzn Press
Siguwana’s 7 steps to heaven-Recipe Book Liesel Wright Wright Publishers
Slavery, Emancipation and Colonial Rule Wayne Dooling Ukzn Press
Somewhere in the Double Rainbow Cheryl Stabie Ukzn Press
Soweto Poetry Michael Chapman Ukzn Press
Speak to the Silent Mtutuzeli Nyoka Ukzn Press
Spirit of the Wilderness Paul Dutton 30 Degrees South
Spring will Come William N. Zulu Ukzn Press
Staking their Claims David Fig Ukzn Press
State of Democracy in South Africa Xolela Mangcu Ukzn Press
States of Mind Julie Parle Ukzn Press
Stories  that talk (Afrikaans) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories of Africa ( 11 languages) Gcina Mhlope Ukzn Press
Stories that Talk Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (IsiNdebele) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (IsiXhosa) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (IsiZulu) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Sepedi) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Sesotho) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Setwana) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Siswati) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Tshivenda) Heartlines Heartlines
Stories that Talk (Xitsonga) Heartlines Heartlines
The  Language of me Musa Zulu Ukzn Press
The Addison Diaries Walter Addison 30 Degrees South
The Batubatse, their story and tradition Ponele Seshi Footprint Press
The Challenge of Challenge Web Neighwoudt & Jon Groenworld Ukzn Press
The Cricket Pitch and its Outfield Neil Tainton & John Klug Ukzn Press
The Da Vinci  Code Shirley Bell Noetic Communications
The Dassie and the Hunter Jeff Opland Ukzn Press
The Diaries of Sapper Robert Poole William Yowart Footprint Press
The Farming Handbook Barry Smith Ukzn Press
The First Decade Siphokazi Koyana Ukzn Press
The Happy Warrior Shirley Bell TC Robertson Trust
The Infamous Malaboch War David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
The Lucky Bean Tree Sheila Pike Footprint Press
The Maphumulo Uprising Jeff Guy Ukzn Press
The Saint, the Surgeon and Unsung Botanist David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
The Slave, the Hunter, the Missionary and the Smous David Hilton Barber Footprint Press
The Wool-Classer, the Shearers and the Golden Fleece E.K. Moorcroft Footprint Press
The World Bank David  Moore Ukzn Press
To Speak of this Land Duncan Brown Ukzn Press
Tongue of their Mothers Makhosazana Xaba Ukzn Press
Transforming the Robocop Monique  Marks Ukzn Press
The Worm Turns Marion Baxter Footprint Press
Voices of Protest Richard Ballad, Adam Habib Imraan Valoodia Ukzn Press
What a Boykie – the John Berks Story Robin Binckes 30 Degrees South
When a Man Cries Siphiwo Mahala Ukzn Press
Why Race Matters in South Africa Michael  McDonald Ukzn Press
Will to Win Davis Hilton Barber Footprint Press
Within Loving Memory of the Century Azaria J.C Mbatha Ukzn Press
Zulu Identities Benedict Carton, John Laband, Jabulani Sithole Ukzn Press