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Concept Fee

For any project we have an initial concept fee. This covers some meeting time with client and discussion/brain storming within the studio and the creation of a basic concept. Minimum charge per project R850.00 ex vat. This cost only for New developments and can be waived in certain circumstances. 


Our Desk Top Publishing charges are costed at R750.00 an hour ex vat. This does depend on the size and regularity of the work.  

Basic Illustration

A basic illustration in colour is R800.00 ex vat. For five or more the cost is reduced to R600.00 ex vat each. Quotes are on site of final copy. 


More complex illustrations take a lot more time and are more expensive and are quoted on sight of final copy. 


We do undertake work from some printers that have been developed and supplied on disk, but do not meet with the printers specific requirements. Hourly rate R650.00.

Deep Etching, Photo retouching and Photo manipulation

When photographs are supplied often more work needs to be done before they can be added to the final layout. Colours can be enhanced at this stage as well as blemishes etc removed.

Final PDF creation

Apart from suppyling positives the “Computer to Plate” printers require a properly formated high resolution PDF file. This file is generated from the design file and is the final electronic material purchased by the client. The working files remain the intellectual property of Flying Ant Designs.

The PDF file can be emailed or upload to an FTP Site or copied to CD and couried. Charges can vary from a minimum R180.00 for A5 up to A2 and a maximum R690.00 for large signs, billboards etc.

VAT and “Sight of final copy”

All our costs are quoted ex VAT and are Sight of Final Copy. This Clause is necessary for occasions when work is submitted after the initial quote that is more complicated than initially quoted and or corrections on a job go beyond the industry normal second page proofs.

Books and Periodicals

Book Cover Design

We have an initial concept fee of R850.00. Thereafter DTP at R500.00 an hour applies. Final costing including bar code (R45.00), 3 hours layout 1 x A3 best proof and final PDF approximately R3 200.00.

Book Layout

Basic price for text only, 300 – 400 words per page is R45.00 per page. Books including diagrams and pictures quoted Sight of Final Copy.

Art Books and Periodicals

R300.00 per page, but once again this depends on number of pages and quality of material supplied.

Copy and Digital Images supplied

Once upon a time digital files were sole domain of professional photographers, and scanning of images was done by repro houses. And the Design house could quote knowing quality and colour of images supplied were of a good quality. Now every person has a cell phone camera/digital camera and belives themselves to be the latest David Hockney. So once again Sight of Final Copy applies.

Product Development

Our strengths lie in our experience in developing products from concept, through artwork, to production of final goods. Work begins with a discussion with the client, looking at their budget for the product and working with quotes from a printer to ensure deadlines are met and product budgets are not exceeded. References from some of our long- standing clients include:

  • 30 Degrees South | 011 760 9205 | Contact Aulette Goliath
  • Centillion Trading | 031 507 7110 | Contact Trish Cross
  • Chateau Gateaux | 031 569 6469 | Contact Malcolm Lyle
  • Colour Display Marketing | 033 386 1318 | Contact Gary Lowe

General Info

Copy and digital images supplied

Once upon a time, when digital files were the sole domain of professional photographers and scanning of images was done only by repro houses, the design house could quote knowing that quality and colour of images supplied were of a good standard. Now that every person has a cellphone/digital camera and believes him/herself to be the latest David Hockney, this is no longer the case.


  • Images that look great on a 72 dpi RGB Phosporous Monitor will look terrible when reproduced at 300 dpi in CMYK.
  • Images that are taken at 72 dpi are only good for reproduction as postage stamps! We can increase the resolution and file size in photoshop. This increases the number of pixels and smoothes out the image, but it will be blurry when enlarged and the detail will NEVER improve. Do not believe everything you see in the movies.